Even though Frank has been with us for a while now, we thought we’d put together a little sample of his talent.  Frank Silas brings all things awesome to the NAS crew, and always pushes us to the next level.  Using his mastery of 3D artistry, Frank has worked for top gaming and film companies, and now we’re honored to have him join us here at NAS.

Here are his stats:


Software: PFTrack 4 and 5, Maya , Softimage XSI, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Dream Weaver, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Affects, Camtasia, Illustrator CS4, Microsoft Office, Guerilla Film Production Software, Final Draft, Story Weaver

Hardware: Windows Vista 64bit PC , Apple Computers, Large Format Color Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera, Wacom Pen Tablet, Renderfarm, DV, HD, and Film motion picture cameras, Lowel Lighting Kits, RedOne


Independant Filmmaker, San Diego, CA November 2006 – Present

Second Assistant Director for H.I.S.T.Z.A. (Budget $35,000.00) This is a Live Action short shot on location just north of Hollywood, Ca. Directed by Christian Cantamessa. This film is currently in post production. We shot on a Red One 4k Camera. We had a seasoned crew of actors and stuntmen, as well as a special fx makeup crew. This is a Red Barrell Films Production.

First Assistant Director for Henchmen, A Job to Die For (Budget $7,000.00) (Official Selection, Anchorage International Film Festival)(Winner, DIY Film Festival LA) This is a Live Action short film. I was fortunate to meet and become good friends with Christian Cantamessa the Director of Henchmen while working at Rockstar Games in San Diego. We both love films and our passion for the artform drove us to produce, direct, and shoot our own film. I worked with Christian and Yvonne (the film’s producer) to decide on which script to shoot, I suggested the title, help cast the actors, helped build the sets, help set up the light kits, was Assistant Director on set, and even have a cameo in the film.

Second Assistant Director for iGod (Budget $30,000.00) This is a Live Action short film. I got the call from Christian Cantamessa that he had gotten a script of his that I had read and liked greenlit by a producer from Los Angeles. We had a crew of 30+, including SAG Actors, and some union guys on the crew. This film is now in Post Production.

Animation Director for Tin Woodman of Oz (Budget $100,000.00) Animated Feature Film.Financed by Martin Hash of Hash Inc. I spent one year from inception where I contributed to the script and trained a team of animators to work on this feature film. I also created a 3D animatic for much of the film. I tested full body and facial animation rigs and helped guide their development. I researched and developed a vegetation system for animatable forestation. The film is currently on Youtube. I left the production after the original Director was no longer attached to the project. A sequel is also now in production

Director for Little Devil (Budget $2,300.00) This is a CG short film. I’ve been working on and off for four years. I spent a year training animators to work on it with me. I built my first renderfarm for this project.