Hog For Kids

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We teamed up with The Bui Brothers to help out friend and colleague Gustavo Fernandez, here’s more information about the project: The HOG For Kids Project is designed to raise awareness and support for impoverished boys and girls in the Dominican Republic (DR). Many Dominican children grow up in extreme poverty, giving them a disadvantaged […]

The Green Room

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What you (hopefully) just watched is the pilot for a show about up and coming indie music artists–specifically an intimate viewing of a song from their live set. This shoot was literally run-and-gun. What you see was not pre-concieved and we had no prior information. Our friend Chris Cantore called up Josh one day and […]

Shooting A Comic Book Orange!

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Monday evening I had the pleasure of joining Josh as he headed up to LA to shoot and direct the second half of the season for A Comicbook Orange (the witty web series all about comics) by the talented Casey McKinnon and her partner Rudy Jahchan. While Josh has been working on various projects with […]