We first did work for the [b] School through our friends, and now associates, the Bui Brothers, who would eventually pass us the client entirely due to their overload of work. This was on of the very first pieces we worked on for the [b] school– a short promo for the first Premium Content Episode: Relaxed Portraits. [b] School is an awesome idea created by Becker, one of the nations leading wedding photographers, which incorperates online social networking with the wedding photography industry under the idea that there is enough work to go around. It’s a revolutionary concept that engages these photographers in helping one another find work and also teaching each other tips and tricks of the trade. In a literal description, I would call it Facebook for wedding photographers, except instead of just being a social site, it is also geared towards improving business.

We received this footage of well-known [b] school members shot by the Bui Brothers and were asked to edit it into what you see above– a promotional piece to give members of the [b] school a quick glimpse of the upcoming first episode. It would hopefully entice those users that were not already premium members to want to become premium members so that they could see the full episode, which was overflowing with great advice and knowledge from Becker himself. The intro you see here was done in Motion by Josh, and will be used at the beginning of most of the [b] school video content.