Soon after our web series, Viral, was canceled we were in contact with Chris Cantore and Andrew Wehrung at X1.FM, whom we met when shooting a Viral Episode dedicated to the online radio network. They loved the episode, and coincidentally our work as a whole, and told us they were interested in working together on future projects. Being smart people, both parties were well aware that New Media was blowing up, as it still is. Since we are a video production company specializing in online video, and Chris and Andrew are in online radio, it only seemed right that we pair up.

In mid July Chris came to us with a gig he’d attained for Del Mar Scene, and more specifically the summer concert series at the races. Each week the Del Mar races would host a music guest, and Chris was to interview and cover each one in the form of a short web video for the Del Mar Scene website. The first artist was Gavin Rossdale, and Chris asked if we’d be willing to handle production on the piece. We were more than excited to do the shoot, not just because it was a huge artist, but because we’re all music lovers and very much interested in music-related video. To us, this gig was definitely pointed in the direction we were looking to go.

The overall shoot day was relaxed and low key. We got to the race tracks early and sat down to have a few drinks and talk before finally heading to the stage area to conduct interviews with several fans. After that we were off to Gavin’s pre-stage room to do a quick interview, which went as smooth as possible. Gavin was a true gentleman for the entire 5 minutes I spent in his vicinity. When we wrapped up everything there, we casually set up a camera in front of the stage and shot Gavin’s set–definitely one of the most enjoyable and easy shoots I’ve been a part of. The editing process on this piece was certainly a learning experience for me, as at this point in my career I was quite a bit less knowledgeable than I am now in editing. That’s not to say that I don’t have a lot more space to improve, because I do, but I can honestly say that there has been a noticeable improvement in my editing skills since the day I spent working on this piece. Working on it is definitely one of the things that contributed to my growth as an editor. Overall I this was a low-key, fun, and valuable project for me to work on. If nothing else, it allowed me to learn and explore my skills as an editor, and it probably allowed Josh Allred to grow as a mentor as well.