For a while now we’ve been dying to create our own content. We’ve contemplated doing free music videos, shorts, and even feature films, all so that we could have a say in not only the production, but the story and concept of a piece. All of our ideas have been pretty ambitious thus far, which is why we usually only get to the point of discussion, and rarely to the point of execution. Finally, we got tired of just talking about making something, and just did it. We decided we wanted to do a quick promo for our company–something that depicts us literally, because we’re in it, and also depicts our personality as a group. The Bui Brothers were kind enough to let us borrow their Letus Extreme 35mm adapter to play around with for the piece. We ended up having two different shooting sessions, neither of which were strictly intended to be a promo. Honestly, we were just trying things out and having fun. The first shoot was without the Letus, and is not featured here (but expect that footage soon). What you’re watching now is the result of our second shoot, which did include the Letus. We’re also in a slow-mo experimental phase, which is AWESOME, so expect to see some slow-mo action.

A few days ago all of us were in the office at the same time, which is a rare occurrence. Having the Letus, Cody decided we needed to shoot something cool before the sun set. We decided to utilize our resources and took one of the several old TVs we had, left over from the set of Viral, and carried it to the end of the street. We then proceeded to do a full shoot featuring all of us, sans Mark behind the camera, and of course end it with Cody smashing the TV. Pretty simple, but trust me when I say we had a complete blast doing it. Last night while we were waiting for some footage to transfer, Josh and I decided to edit it together (credit goes to Lily Allen for the music). And wah-la. That is how the first, of many more to come, NAS Promo was born.