This “Project” comes once a year, it’s something, as  a crew, we look forward to. Its a shotgun blast of production – we have 48hrs over the weekend to write, shoot, edit and finish to turn in on Sunday.  There are luckily a few things in the production phase that we can kinda prepare for like location (but its like a crap shoot because you don’t know the genre you will get at the start of the festival) and you can sort of hold a casting call, to make sure you have characters in front of the camera (but again you don’t know the genre so you kinda hope for the best and get some versatile actors). Once the madness starts friday night at 7:30pm you line everything up – the location, the cast and the crew. The writing starts and hopefully finishes in a decent time like 3am so you can start shooting once daylight hits or sooner depending on the schedule. From the time the genre is “pulled” we pretty much don’t get much sleep and who would want to. We are fortunate to be have willing friends to take a weekend off and help us out with production (The Bui Brothers, Paul Dateh, Frank Silas) I feel like we pulled off an amazing movie for the genre we pulled, which was western, we sort of tweaked it to be more like a “No Country For Old Men” type of modern western