Threadless: The Newsletter Show became one of the first sponsors of the show Viral so we created a segment for them called I Heart Threadless. After the third season change we could no longer include the segment and because it had become such a fun creative outlet for us and the fact Threadless has such a strong and loyal fan base, we pitched them a show. The show was based partly on their sometimes monthly newsletter and the fact that I think the newsletter forum of disseminating information to be some what antiquated. We shot the show and sent in the pitch and they LOVED it, so much so, they did it themselves. Oh well, that’s how it goes. Looking back it’s probably smarter for Threadless as a company to produce something internally that’s so close to the brand but it would have been a freakin’ good show had we done it. So enjoy a look at a failed project pitch by us.

by Cody Long.