It’s been nearly two weeks since Mark, Josh, Kevin and I got back from Vegas, and all that’s left now are some fond memories, a few photos and some pretty rad footage. We made the decision to trek into the land of neon partly because our client (the [b] School) wanted some work from us, and partly to network alongside our associates the Bui Brothers. We’d been wanting to test the waters of the wedding photography industry for a while now and see how we’d fit in, and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) couldn’t have been a more perfect opportunity for us. Honestly, who better to know at such a convention than Becker and the Bui Brothers? We were seriously HOOKED UP.

Becker is, of course, one of the leading photographers in the industry (if you don’t know his work do yourself a favor and go look). He started an online network for wedding photographers around the world called the [b] School, and we are fortunate enough to do all of its video production. While in Vegas we got the opportunity to shoot for Becker’s annual [b] Party, which was not only incredibly fun, but allowed us to meet some of the nicest, sweetest, most kind and enjoyable people ever (even after sticking a video camera in their faces). I honestly want to be a part of that community now just based on the people alone. They’re all so nice!

When not shooting for Becker we spent a lot of our time in the Blogger’s Lounge at WPPI, which was run by the Bui Brothers and Dane Sanders. Lan and Vu Bui are known widely in the wedding photography community for their unique video work– mostly promos for leading photographers. Lately they’ve sent a lot of that work our way, so while in Vegas they made it a point to introduce us to as many of their friends and clients as possible. We even had a chance to shoot workshops for Dane Sanders, Gene Higa, and Anne Hamilton while there. This, again, was an amazing opportunity for us to network and meet some of the nicest and most talented photographers at the convention. Everything was very relaxed and friendly the entire time, whether hanging out on the tradeshow floor or shooting for a client.

Last but not least, this entry would be incomplete if I didn’t mention our attempt at Epic Hunt. Vu got together with several other photographers to create an (epic) scavenger hunt, at the end of which one person/team would win the coveted 5d Mark II. You know– that camera that shoots video that looks like film? That one. Being a video production company, we were drooling at the opportunity. Long story short, we came in second place and would have tied had we but just TWO minutes earlier with our bonus clue. Even though we didn’t win the 5d, we actually did have a really fun time competing and running around the floor like crazy people.

Somehow we managed to sneak in a trip to the Hoover Dam (I guess it was the day before WPPI started), which was actually pretty cool because they’re in the middle of building a really extreme looking bridge across it. We got there just as it got dark and were eager to take some photos, which are now up on our Flickr page. That about wraps it up for our Vegas trip. We had a blast and even though it was crazy at times, we felt completely blessed to have been welcomed with such open arms into the wedding photography community.