A contact from the LA Times called us a few months back and asked if we’d be available to shoot an event they were holding called the Seed Council. This would be a good time to reiterate the value of making a good impression on everyone you work with, never burning bridges, and of course good production quality. This particular contact had known the crew from way back in the days of Viral (before I’d even arrived on the scene), and was formerly one of the executives at Veoh before working at the LA Times. Although Viral didn’t work out, and Veoh was never really behind the project, the crew was still remembered for their professionalism.

This was two separate shoots a week apart from each other. The LA Times had invited a selection of around ten people in-house for a more intimate investigation of their news-reading habits and their view on other things such as saving money, going green, and social habits. They named it the “Seed Council” because the participants were given a bag of seeds and asked to place them in labeled jars as a way to poll opinions on certain subjects. We found it to be a rather relaxed shoot, and simple in nature. We set up some lights, shot a few individual interviews, some b-roll, and then finally the group discussion. Overall easy shoot, good gig, and a great new client to have made. Here’s a little video Josh Allard put together from some of the clips we got.