I’ve been working with Casey Mckinnon for the past few weeks on her comic review show A Comicbook Orange. Many of you might not know that I got my start studying fine art and illustration with the hopes of one day working in the comic book industry. I moved on to study animation and then film, and began working in new media a few years ago. I still have a great affection for comics and illustration, being that it was the catalyst that focused my creative drive when I was young. I’ve secretly wished to somehow continue a career in illustration, at times developing stories for online comics and drawing characters with my best friend Charlie in my spare time. Maybe one day I’ll publish some of our crazy comics.  Until then, working on A Comicbook Orange has been a great outlet .  I haven’t done much in the way of illustration for the series yet, but I did pen the winning logo for Casey’s contest . 


Since submitting the logo, Casey has generously brought me on to direct the show and do a little production design and the open. It’s been great– Casey is so talented and fun to work with. If you like comics, fun, and quirky comedy you should subscribe and leave comments.  Look for other collabs coming soon with the talented Rudy Jahchan… stay tuned.