Monday evening I had the pleasure of joining Josh as he headed up to LA to shoot and direct the second half of the season for A Comicbook Orange (the witty web series all about comics) by the talented Casey McKinnon and her partner Rudy Jahchan. While Josh has been working on various projects with Casey for a while now, this was my first time getting to meet her.  Needless to say, the entire night was a blast and things seemed to flow quite effortlessly with Casey’s animated acting and attentive hosting, and Josh’s focused directing.  I was thoroughly entertained by the entire production, and very much content to offer a helping hand in setting up, snapping photographs, and even making my acting debut as the Hell Boy Right Hand of Doom.  After wrapping the shoot Casey generously brought us to a delicious dinner of Japanese Curry, where I got to meet Rudy for the first time as well.   Rudy was delightfully contemplative the entire night about what Josh and I found to be an awesome idea for a new web series (with an added feature that I cannot go into, because it’s top secret!).  To finish up what was already an incredibly fun evening, Casey and Rudy expanded our horizon by introducing Diddy Riese into our life.  If you have never experienced this establishment, you MUST go to LA right now and try what I consider to be the BEST idea ever: custom ice cream sandwiches!  You choose the cookies, you choose the ice cream and then you EAT IT!  To conclude, I’d like to thank everyone involved (Casey, Rudy, and Josh) for including me in an awesome shoot and a great night–I definitely had a great time.  I’ll leave you with a few photos from the shoot:

Casey’s awesome lamp giving me a fisheye view of the setup
Diligently going over the outline!
Focused director hard at work.
Ready to KICK ASS!