What you (hopefully) just watched is the pilot for a show about up and coming indie music artists–specifically an intimate viewing of a song from their live set. This shoot was literally run-and-gun. What you see was not pre-concieved and we had no prior information. Our friend Chris Cantore called up Josh one day and asked if we’d be interested in shooting a pilot for a music show to help get it picked up. The rest is history. Chris told us that we would go to the Casbah to shoot a band called the White Rabbits, and that’s pretty much all the info we had. Even as such, I had an absolute blast working on this piece. This is the kind of content that I absolutely adore making and thrive on. Josh and I also had probably the funnest time shooting that we’ve had in a while not only at the Casbah, but afterwords for the open. We drew from a few high concept music videos and re-created the look in our studio. We rarely get to do fun, high-concept stuff like this, so we were stoked. As far as editing, we decided to go for a sort of unpolished “indie” look with the visuals and steer clear of the formal “news style”. Again, this was the most fun and most inspired I have been in a long time, so I am insanely grateful that this project came along. I was more than ready for it :) Special thanks to the Casbah San Diego for letting us shoot at their venue, the White Rabbits for their awesome and inspiring music (if you like it go buy the album!), and of course friend and producer Chris Cantore for concieving the show idea and coming to us with the opportunity. I can speak for all of us at NAS when I say that we’d be thrilled for this to get picked up as a regular show–so if you enjoy it, please pass it around and show others. Thanks!