Shooting A Comic Book Orange!

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Monday evening I had the pleasure of joining Josh as he headed up to LA to shoot and direct the second half of the season for A Comicbook Orange (the witty web series all about comics) by the talented Casey McKinnon and her partner Rudy Jahchan. While Josh has been working on various projects with […]

A Comicbook Orange

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I’ve been working with Casey Mckinnon for the past few weeks on her comic review show A Comicbook Orange. Many of you might not know that I got my start studying fine art and illustration with the hopes of one day working in the comic book industry. I moved on to study animation and then […]

LA Times: Seed Council

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A contact from the LA Times called us a few months back and asked if we’d be available to shoot an event they were holding called the Seed Council. This would be a good time to reiterate the value of making a good impression on everyone you work with, never burning bridges, and of course […]

[b] School: WPPI Trailer

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It’s been nearly two weeks since Mark, Josh, Kevin and I got back from Vegas, and all that’s left now are some fond memories, a few photos and some pretty rad footage. We made the decision to trek into the land of neon partly because our client (the [b] School) wanted some work from us, […]

NAS Promo Two: Mixtape

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Here’s the rest of the footage we shot at the abandonment that Cody found in Vista. Again, we never intended it to become anything special, but as we shot more and more that day, Josh decided that we should all do our own mini shoot. This is Cody’s edit of the clips, and these are […]

NAS Promo One

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For a while now we’ve been dying to create our own content. We’ve contemplated doing free music videos, shorts, and even feature films, all so that we could have a say in not only the production, but the story and concept of a piece. All of our ideas have been pretty ambitious thus far, which […]

Jenn 2.0 Trailer

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Almost immediately after the cancellation of our web series, Viral, we were introduced to social media consultant and popular tech-blogger Jennifer Van Grove. She approached us in hopes of getting an interview about the life and death of the show, and we happily obliged. We set up a few cameras in the studio for a […]

Boudoir Divas Promo

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This was another of our collaborations with the always-amazing Bui Brothers. Being booked as often as they are, they handed us a drive full of footage and asked us to edit together a promo piece for one of their most cherished clients, the Boudoir Divas, as soon as possible. The Boudoir Divas are made up […]